Samani Kilma (A Word of Love)

Click here to listen Lyrics: Hasan Alkhuza'i, Abdul Rahim Al-Maliky<
Music: Mouyad Morad


La Tirhaleen (Do Not Depart)

Click here to listen Lyrics: Kasim Mohammed, Abdul Rahim Al-Maliky
Music: Raed George



Click here to listen Lyrics: Ali Hanoon
Music: Mouyad Morad


Thikrayat (Memories)

Click here to listen Lyrics: Ismail Al Farouachi
Music: Raed George



Click here to listen Lyrics: (Information not available)
Music: Raed George


Wa-Yabqa Alhob (Love Will Remain)

Click here to listen Lyrics: Rahim AlIraqi
Music: Raed George



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